Corunn Nottebohn

A human merchant and and magus whose specialization is evocation.


A Vaistarian magus and merchant who obsesses over his moustache.


High Concept
Magus merchant

Good at getting into trouble
Socially awkward

Manners of a gentleman, polite
Reacts one way or another to other people who have moustache

+4: Evocation
+3: Investigate, will, contacts
+2: Rapport, resources, empathy, transmutation
+1: Lore, stealth, deceive, athletics, illusion

Can roll will when a physics roll is required


Corunn Nottebohn is a Vaistarian human magus and merchant who specializes in selling and trading magical artefacts, alchemical ingredients and other curious items that he has found and traded during his journeys in Umar and other places. Shop keeping is more like a hobby and calling than a profession for him. It also works well as a means to hearing interesting news and gaining arcane knowledge.

As a magus Corunn’s main specialization and expertise is evocation. His education as a magus was rather unorthodox and he did not choose his specialization for his predecessor chose it for him. He does not mind this because all in all he has found evocation useful and practical. Later on the unexpected journey with the party he starts to refine his evocation skills and learn transmutation as well.

As a person Corunn is generally a good hearted and polite man but he also possesses certain autistic characteristics. Sometimes this leads to awkward misunderstandings, for example when he thoughtlessly almost mentions that he does not want his nose end up being “deformed and ugly” like some other people’s. (He obviously referred to Nastja Meve.) He is not that good at reading situations and other people and that is why he often prefers to be somewhat quiet in situations with lots of social interaction. Despite of this he has the tendency to act before he thinks things through. He for example mentions his name and city to The Prison Tower’s commanding inquisitor which he obviously regrets later.
Despite of being well mannered Corunn is somewhat reluctant for giving his resources and aid for causes that do not directly benefit him. However, his conciliatory personality makes him well capable of making compromises.
Corunn has never been particularly rich because of the rather small amount of important customers in his shop but this does not matter to him as long as he is able to make the ends meet and keep the shop running.

Corunn blends in with the Vaistarian folk despite of not being one of its native citizens. His most distinctive feature is elegant moustache and other people are usually both amazed and annoyed by his almost obsessive care for it. Corunn is generally pedantic and even vain when it comes to his appearance. In combat he worries if something incurable will happen to his face (and moustache). Corunn is 36 years old and approximately 180 cm tall. He likes to keep his hair short for practical reasons but also because of the Vaistarian fashion.

Because of the encounters with Meniggesand The Enq People Corunn sacrificed his left ear to prevent Menigges from learning more about The World.

Origin and backstory
Corunn, given name Veilég, is originally from a small Northern fishing village near the town of Alac. He leaved somewhat poor but stable daily life with his parents and sister Iolen. Everything in his life changed when a mysterious stranger called Corunn Nottebohn payed a visit to his home village. Veilég later came to realize that the stranger was looking for capable apprentice and a source of magical energy for his own use. In the young boy Corunn found both of these because he was sensitive to magical potential in other beings. Veilég and his older sister were doing their chores on the shore when Corunn arrived and told the siblings that he would not do harm to either of them nor any of the villagers if Iolen would hand her young brother to him and let Corunn take him away. Iolen refused Corunn’s offer immediately and then attacked the ominous man. Iolen was no match against the man who now revealed himself as a powerful magus. Iolen was killed in this encounter and Corunn got what he had wanted.

Veilég ended up toiling for a man whom he despised more than anything. Corunn also used him as a supply for his own magical powers which made Veilég temporarily weak and exhausted. This bind, and the fact that Veilég could not use his newly-awakened magical talent in this weakened state against his master, made it impossible for him to escape the daily misery that his life had been turned into.

However, after a decade Corunn’s grip on his apprentice started to loosen because the older magus was not particularly concerned about Veilég’s escape anymore. The Other reason was that Corunn had founded a new prospering business, a magic shop in Vaistar. Corunn was not interested in gaining more power in the society of magi anymore and this gave his unwilling apprentice more chances to come and go as he pleased. Veilég was able to gather himself a group of friends who would soon provide him a means to his escape for good.

During his years as a rich magus’s slave, Veilég had never forgotten his life before the tragedy on the Northern shore. He had never forgotten the fate of his older sister and the suffering he had endured as a possession of Corunn Nottebon. When Corunn’s attentions were elsewhere the young magus’s friends lent their willpower to him which made it possible for him to break the one-way binding spell to his master. Despite of the broken spell Veilég knew that he would never be able to feel free when Corunn Nottebon was still alive. The young magus took his time to gain strength and magical talent before returning to Vaistar with a (not so) secret objective of a long time.

Veilég’s final encounter with Corunn Nottebohn was the major turning point in his life. During the past decade Corunn had gotten too used to the presence of his constant magic supply for him to be an equal match against his former apprentice. Veilég ended up murdering the older magus after their decisive duel. He was deaf to Corunn’s pleading because all he could think about was the personal vendetta for what he had endured. When life was leaving Corunn for good, some of the energy he had stolen from his servant returned to its original possessor. Veilég gained more of his former strength but in addition he received some of Corunn’s memories. Because of this he started to feel like he was losing his sanity. He also realized what he had done and because of this deed he would have to spend the rest of his life as fugitive trying to escape the judgement of the Vaistarian magi. This was not the fate he wanted to end up with. Veilég made a quick decision and ended up stealing the identity of Corunn Nottebohn.

So, Corunn Nottebohn died and a new version of him emerged almost immediately. Veilég decided the he was never going to use his given name again because now he was Corunn and all Corunn had ever had was his now. Corunn felt that what he had done was justifiable by his traumatic experiences but despite of this he was at the same time haunted by the original Corunn’s memories and feelings. The trick he used in concealing his original identity was at the same time the simplest and the most difficult one he had ever done. The original Corunn’s moustache became the means to his younger version’s success. The moustache’s illusion guaranteed that nobody noticed that the original Corunn Nottebohn was no more, at least the physical part of him. The Magus’s successor gradually learned to live with the weird foreign memories he now possessed.

After this episode Corunn started to take care of his predecessor’s business in Vaistar. He purposely kept low profile for over fifteen years and tried not to interfere with the other Vaistar magi’s affairs. During this time, he did not end up into major collisions with influential Vaistarian mages. However, keeping low profile was not possible anymore after a weird event during his trip to Dal Umar.

Corunn Nottebohn

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